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Photoarchive 3D is a digitized archive of original stereographic 19th and early 20th century historical images.  When viewed by a single person looking through a binocular stereoscope, these reconstructed a scene in three dimensions, complete with depth, creating a “Victorian virtual reality.”  Only a fraction of the millions of views produced have survived, and we here present a sampling of the broad range of available subjects including exotic locations, people of the world, historic events, and material aspects of life 100-150 years ago. 

Delivering 19th century stereophotography to today's audiences, with a live projection of special rarities.



Photoarchive 3D will be at the Conference in St Andrew's Scotland, at "Stereo Photography: Images, Inventions and Advancements". University of St Andrews, Special Collections.
18-19 October, 2018






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Come to a Live PA3D event, as this audience did in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August, 2014