How to view this site in 3D

Image galleries are displayed in Flash format. Example HERE.
Gallery Controls are at the Bottom of Page

Viewing Formats

Parallel Side by Side (Para)


Anaglyph (C_ANA)

SBS Wiggle ANA


This needs a prismatic lorgnette or computer screen lens viewer. Viewers are available through many online vendors. Be sure to get ones for prints up to 4" wide or they will be too small. Try and search for "lorgnette" Give it a try!
No special equipment required AnaNeeds colored glasses with a red left lens and cyan right lens. These are like the old 3d glasses given out at the movies, and are available in paper or plastic frames.
Viewers are available through many online vendors. Try and search for "red/cyan glasses" Give it a try!


These Controls appear when the mouse is over the image.
They allow you to select the image, choose auto or manual advance, and View Format.